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This book is the joint effort of two of the greatest sword teachers of the 20th century, Sato Kanzan and Honma Kunzan. It was published in 1963 and is very difficult to find. This is a large book measuring 14 1/2 inches by 10 3/8 inches.

This book contains swords from the Juyo Token level to the National Treasure level. It also deals with the history of Nihonto, the characteristics and different aspects of nihonto as well as a list of Kokuho and Juyo Bunkazai blades. It is in Japanese with the exception of an article about the history of Japanese swords written by Dr. Sato in English.

This book is a must for any serious library on Japanese swords.  Excellent condition.  I have only one  copy of this long out of print publication.

PRICE: $300.00 + shipping