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Tameyasu was the older brother of Bitchu no Kami Yasuhiro. He is called Hatakeda Rokurozaemon. He is the second generation and he received the title of Mutsu no Kami. He worked in Osaka around the Kanbun era (1661). This is a lovely wakizashi that displays his hamon of large koshi-no-hirata midare mixed with choji. Tameyasu is known as the leader of the Osaka Ishido school. The hada is a beautiful ko-mokume with some o-hada with some masame, particularly in the ji. The cutting edge of this wakizashi is 19 11/16 inches or 50 cm. The moto-haba is 1.22 inches or 3.1 cm and the saki-haba is 0.91 inches or 2.3 cm. This sword is in excellent polish and is in wonderful condition with the exception of two very small openings on one side of the boshi, but they are nothing to worry about and do not distract from the overall beauty of this blade.

This sword comes in a very attractive set of koshirae with a dragon theme. The fuchi and kashira are signed Yanagawa Naomasa. Naomasa was a student of the first Yokoya Somin. He worked around 1750. I have not verified this mei., but the workmanship is certainly nice. They depict a golden dragon on a shakudo background. The tsuba is also signed by its maker , but I am unable to read the mei. Again, it is very nicely detailed work. The menuki are gold washed shishi lions. The kozuka is unsigned but is it also good work and depicts a dragon together with a Kiri family mon. Especially interesting are the kurikata and saguri. They are both made of shakudo and depict dragons.

This blade comes with NBTHK Hozon papers attesting to the validity of the signature and the quality of the workmanship.

PRICE: $4,750.00