12.1.18 admin@nihonto

This is a very nice tsuba that is from the Akao school.  The Akao often made rather abstracted sukashi designs with very sharp-edged cutting.  There were seven generations of the mainline Akao signing Yoshitsugu and working in Echizen and Edo dating from early through late Edo period.  Most of the rest of the workers in this group did not sign with a personal name.

This tsuba measures 2 7/8 inches or 7.4 cm by 2 ¾ inches or 7.0 cm.  It is a somewhat thick tsuba measuring 0.25 inches or 0.622 cm.  There is almost no tekkotsu in the mimi.  It has a lovely geometric design as one would expect with a tsuba of this school.

I am attaching an image below of a signed Akao tsuba from the Tokyo National Museum to illustrate the similarity with this tsuba and add credibility to my attribution.

This tsuba is in excellent condition with no active rust or pitting.

PRICE: $475.00