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The first generation Tadakuni’s real name was Hashimoto Rokuzaemon (橋本六左衛⾨) and he was born in Keichō three (慶⻑,1598) as second son of Yoshiie (吉家), who was the younger brother of the first generation Hizen Tadayoshi (忠吉). In the eleventh year of Kan’ei (寛永,1634), he received the honorary title of Harima Daijō which was later raised to that of Harima no Kami. He died in the fourth year of Genroku (元禄,1691) at the age of ninety-four. Tadakuni is ranked as a jōsaku (high quality smith) by Fujishiro. This blade is has a bright and clear jigane with an outstanding ­hada that features plenty of brightly sparkling ji-nie and fine chikei. It is tempered in a wide and flamboyant midarebastyle hamon based on gunome-chōji that reaches the shinogi in places and displays a wide and bright nioiguchi. Thus, we have here one of the top quality examples of the first generation Tadakuni.

This blade has a nagasa (length) of 51.0 cm or 20 1/16 inches, a sori (curvature) of 1.2 cm or 0.5 inches, a moto-haba(width at the base) of 3.1 cm or about 1.5 inches, a saki-haba (width at the point) of 2.2 cm or 7/8 inches, and a nakago-nagasa (tang length) of 14.9 cm or 5 7/8 inches.

This blade is in excellent polish with no problems or flaws of any kind.  It comes with an excellent Edo period koshirae(mountings) as pictured below that is also in wonderful condition. When I purchased this blade, the koshirae was missing a kozuka and ko-gatana.  I added a very lovely kozuka that is signed by Hamano Moriyuki.   The ko-gatana is also signed.  The blade is accompanied by NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon papers attesting to its quality, condition, and validity of its signature.

PRICE: $6,750.00