7.12.19 admin@nihonto

This is a long Yanagi-ba shaped YANONE with a flat blade.   These are more commonly seen with shorter nakago and a cherry blossom sukashi openwork. This yanone has a traditional boar’s eye openwork and dates from mid to late Edo.  There is no damage to the blade.

The nakago is 9-1/16 inches (23cm) long and the blade is 2-3/16 inches (5.6cm) long by 1-1/4 inches (3.2cm) wide.  The blade is thin and shows good symmetry.

To judge the quality of the open work on this type of yanone, spin the yanone on the tip and see if the open work jumps back and forth.  If it jumps the shape is not symmetrical. This yanone does not have that problem, it is a good one.

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