1.7.18 admin@nihonto

This is a very nice and attractive katana koshirae.  The saya is lacquered a deep and rich black.  The tsuba is shakudo nanako with a gold colored rim (mimi).  The nanako is extremely well done and very fine.  It almost has a “wet” look to it.  The fuchi and kashira are top quality.  They are also very fine shakudo nanako with large gold karp and water plants.  They are signed Ishigoro Masatsune (kao)  (石黒政常) but the signature is questionable.  The menuki are gold colored koi to match the balance of the fittings.

The tsunagi measures:

Nagasa (length): 26.75 inches or 68 cm

Moto-Haba: 1.12 inches or 2.9 cm

Saki-Haba: 0.87 inches or 2.2 cm

Torii Sori: 0.47 inches or 1.2 cm

This koshirae would look great mounted on your favorite katana or just used as a decoration.