8.10.18 admin@nihonto

I am pleased to present this long and graceful katana by the Echizen smith, Kunitsuna.  Kunitsuna was from the Shintô Echizen school and he worked around the Kanbun era (ca.1661). He is sometimes called Tabejô.

This is a lovely katana measuring 28 11/16 inches or 72.8 cm.  The moto-haba is 1.2 inches or 3.0 cm and the saki-haba is 0.75 inches or 1.9 cm.  The sori is 0.5 inches or 1.3 cm as one would expect of a sword from this time period.  The kasane is 0.4 inches or 1.3 cm.

The hada is a beautiful “Echizen hada” of fine ko-mokume with a little masame mixed in.  The hamon is a very shallow notare that is based upon a medium-wide suguha.  There is one area of pronounced togari-ba which might tend to indicate that this smith migrated to Echizen from Mino as did so many others from 1658-1680.  The bôshi is average in size having a small turn-back and short kaeri.  The nakago is ubu with one hole.  The omote is signed Sagami no Kami Fujiwara Kunitsuna.  The ura has the ura-mei of Echizen Jû.  This is a very nice sword with no problems or flaws. It was awarded Tokubetsu Hozon papers indicating its quality and the authenticity of the signature.

This sword comes with a very nice late Edo period koshirae.  All of the fittings are done in the Soten style with mounted warriors decorated with gold and silver.  The tsuba is done in carved iron. The fuchi and kashira are also of warriors on an shakudo-nanako background.  Excellent condition.

This sword is being offered at an extremely attractive price.  It is getting very difficult to find quality Tokubestu Hozon swords with quality mountings such as this one being offered for under $10,000.00.  Add to that its extra-long sugata and you have a very good deal.