3.18.20 admin@nihonto

I am pleased to present this very nice and healthy katana by the Osaka Shintô smith, Nagamichi.  Nagamichi is also called Doi Rokubei and he worked around the Enpô era (1673).  He is considered to have been Sôshû style smith but he also worked in Edo.  His works show a melding of Sôshû and Bizen style and are quite active and beautiful.  His signature reads: Musashi (no) Kami Fujiwara Nagamichi (武藏守藤原永道).  It is interesting to note that early in his career , he used the kanji character (路) in his mei, but later changed it to the kanji character (道).  He is rated as a Chûjôsaku smith by Fujishiro.

This is a very healthy sword with no problems of flaws.  It has a cutting edge measuring 29.65 inches or 73.85 cm.  The moto-haba is 1.1 inches or 2.8 cm and a saki-haba of 0.8 inches or 2.1 cm.  The kasane (thickness) of the blade is 0.32 inches or 0.7 cm.  It has a nice and graceful torii sori measuring 0.64 inches or 1.6 cm and ends in a slightly stretched kissaki.  The hada is a beautiful mokume mixed with itame with lots of nie and chikei activities throughout. The hamon is a combination of peaked notare, togari-ba-gunome, and even some beautiful chôji that almost reach the shinogi in the monouchi area.  This sword was polished in the sashi-komi style which shows these fine activities to their fullest extent.  You will not become bored looking at this sword.

This blade comes in a new shirasaya with a silver wrapped habaki.  It is also accompanied by a very nice set of Edo period koshirae as shown in the photos below.  It has both NBTHK papers (Tokubetsu Kitcho Token) from 1960 and NTHK papers from 2019.